Wink Lookout is the smart start to a secure home

Your home should feel secure whether you’re there or not. That’s why we’ve created Wink Lookout.

Lookout is our collection of smart security essentials, and a comprehensive way to know what’s happening at home for only $199. It includes a Wink Hub 2, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a siren & chime.

This starter kit also includes a new in-app service called Lookout. It’s a free service that works with both the Wink Lookout kit and other Wink-compatible security products, such as additional sensors, garage doors, and cameras.

Use Lookout in the app to monitor what’s happening at home when you’re away and quickly take action if needed.

Lookout hardware

Meet our newest hardware, three Wink-branded security products:

  • Wink Door/Window Sensor (x2) – Discreetly keep track of your home’s windows and doors and receive alerts when they open or close.
  • Wink Motion Sensor – Easily mount or place around your home for motion alerts.
  • Wink Siren & Chime – If your sensors detect activity, sound the siren or chime and flash the built-in light to notify the household. It offers ten different sounds with adjustable volume and duration.

Lookout in-app service

Lookout’s in-app service helps you keep an eye on home activity when you’re away. Receive real-time alerts about doors, windows, locks, garage doors, motion, and more.

Lookout products use the latest wireless technology to securely communicate with your Wink Hub and send you alerts when activity is detected. Check sensor status in the Wink app when you’re away and see recent alerts in the Lookout dashboard.

If you do receive an alert from Lookout, you have the option to sound your Wink siren, tap to call 911, or call a contact.

Using Lookout

Here are some of our favorite ways to use Lookout:

  • Get notified when the dog walker enters and exits your house, so you know exactly what time your pet was given attention.
  • Get alerts when there is unexpected motion in your home while you’re away on vacation. Tap to call 911 if you are concerned about suspicious activity.
  • When you’re at work, get notified when your kids come home from school and enter the house, and easily contact them to check in.

Our goal in creating Lookout is to give you an actionable, confident way to protect your home from anywhere. Setting up Lookout is as easy as unboxing and powering on your sensors. And it’s even easier to use.

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